Get Out the Early Vote

Get Out the Early Vote

Hey, hey, hey, October 22 is the day! Early voting begins in Texas!

Remember, Early Voting happens Monday, October 22 through Friday, November 2. That means two full weeks to get your Early Vote on!

Be sure you know how, when, and where to cast your ballot. And if you live in District 6, you know that we have two counties that have different lists with different answers to those questions.

Here is the main page for Early Voting in Travis County.
Here is the main page for Early Voting in Williamson County.

Each county has a list of full-time locations with set hours for the duration of early voting and each has a list of mobile/temporary limited locations.
Here is the Travis County Location List.
Here is the Williamson County Location List.

Also, did you know? District 6 is home to the only two-county early-voting site in Texas? The Raymond Hartfield Performing Arts Center, located next to McNeil High School is an early-voting site at which both Travis and Williamson County voters make cast Early Votes.

Also, please note: If you experience any voter intimidation at the polls, call the Election Protection Hotline: 1-866-OUR-VOTE

Election Day proper is Tuesday, November 6. Months of pavement pounding, block walking, issue debating come down to this: Who will vote? Whose vote will speak for you if you don’t? See you at the polls!