Meet District 6 Volunteer Sami Williams

Meet District 6 Volunteer Sami Williams

D6 NW Field Office lead volunteer Sami Williams

First in a series: Meet our D6 NW Field Office volunteers

District 6 NW Field Office volunteer Sami Williams sits at the desk where she waits for constituents to come by or call. “I have lived in District 6 since before it was a district. I’ve lived in Northwest Austin for 25 years, and raised my kids here,” she explains. The mom of two remained active in the local music scene. “We’re so far removed from the rest of Austin. I always tell people: When I first moved out here, you’d drive down 183 – before it was a freeway – and it was like: Nothing, nothing, nothing, Catfish Parlor, nothing, nothing, nothing, Leander. There wasn’t this buildup that we have now. It was like living in a whole other city.”
That was under the old at-large City Council system, but Sami says things have changed since 10-1, when the City adopted geographic representation. “Previously, it felt like much of the concern raised at City Hall came from East Austin, Central Austin, or even South Austin. It seemed like people in those areas had a louder voice than we did. Many didn’t even realize we existed. People mistakenly assumed I lived in Cedar Park.” The breakout into 10 council districts, she says, “made us more connected as Austinites, put us on equal footing with the rest of the city, and reminds people that we are here.”
So what’s a day in the life of a District 6 volunteer? “On occasion we have people come in who have questions or concerns. I try to listen as closely as I possibly can, try to relate to what they’re telling me, and figure out exactly what their concern is, and then I relay it to the office downtown. Staff is really good about getting back to people quickly,” she says, “they feel like their voice is being heard.”
Sami can help with a variety of issues, from safety concerns to how to open a free lending library in the front yard. And watch out for news of a few public upcoming events that will be held in the field office. Come down to the District 6 NW Field office in the Crossing shopping center at 10401 Anderson Mill Rd #101 (next to Shipley’s Donuts).
Have questions, comments, or concerns? Visit the District 6 NW Field Office. Here are just a few of the things you may do there:

  • Request a meeting with your Council Member or a District 6 staffer
  • Report pedestrian accessibility and safety issues
  • Get tips on community programs like lending libraries
  • Request information about city rules
  • Book meeting space for community organizations
  • Coordinate scout troop visits with Council Member
  • Grab brochures from across the state for your family vacation
  • Drop off donations during local and regional crises
  • Meet one of our wonderful District 6 volunteers, like Sami!

See you at the District 6 NW Field Office!