CM Flannigan’s SXSW/COVID-19 Relief Resolutions

CM Flannigan’s SXSW/COVID-19 Relief Resolutions


Item 23

Presented and passed unanimously at the May 7 Austin City Council Meeting to create relief programs to be administered by external “Administering Organizations” (not the city):
The CLEAR Fund: Commercial Loans for Economic Assistance & Recovery $11M Economic injury loans, grants, and technical assistance for local and small businesses.
Childcare Support Fund $1M to make sure childcare centers have the ability to make it through and reopen so parents and caregivers can return to work when appropriate.
The ANCHOR Fund: Austin Nonprofit & Civic Health Organizations Relief $6M for non-profit organizations
Economic Response Dashboard in partnership with regional entities for transparency in the progress toward economic recovery.
• The PDF of the Resolution
• KXAN’s Alyssa Goard’s article about the resolution

Item 91

Presented and passed unanimously at the March 26 Austin City Council Meeting related to the city’s economic response to COVID-19 and the SXSW cancellation and addressing critical needs for those small businesses, musicians, and members of the workforce most directly impacted by the crisis.
• The PDF of the Resolution
• Austin City Council Message Board thread about the resolution