Primary Run-off Election Day 2020

Primary Run-off Election Day 2020

Election Day is Tuesday, July 14! 

Be sure you know how and where to vote!
Travis County Election Locations
Williamson County Election Locations 
(For Austinites: The only Austin Polling location is at Harmony School of Endeavor)
Wilco has issued this video to address Voting Safety Concerns.
Travis is employing this Voting Safety Protocol.

What’s on your ballot?

Now for the fun stuff: What will you be voting for?
Ballot Look-Up Travis County
Ballot Look-Up Williamson County
League of Women Voters Non-Partisan Voters Guides

If you experience any voter intimidation or unsafe behavior at the polls,
call the Election Protection Hotline: 1-866-OUR-VOTE

See you at the polls!