Turning Quarter Cents into Full Solutions

Turning Quarter Cents into Full Solutions

How is the Quarter Cent Fund solving traffic and safety issues in District 6?

The Quarter Cent Fund is an inter-local agreement between City of Austin and Capital Metro to fund regional mobility and transportation projects. Each Austin City Council district received $1.5 million of the fund to address those needs locally.

A number of District 6 schools and neighborhoods faced needs for improved safety. After extensive public engagement and meetings with local leaders brainstorming ideas, CM Flannigan and the D6 office took the list of prospective projects to city staff who then researched each area of need and assigned a price tag to each project. A list of projects were found to be eligible for funding under the Quarter-Cent Program and met both feasibility and affordability metrics.

A number of improvements in D6 have already been made with these collaborative Quarter Cent Funds, and many more are on the way. Watch for the following improvements in your neighborhood:

Upcoming Projects

  • McNeil Drive from US Hwy 183 to W Parmer Lane
    Construction of absent sidewalks and shared use paths (SUP)
    set to begin winter, 2020
  • Corner of Duval & Angus Roads
    Construction of a new Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB)
    anticipated to begin early 2021
  • Neenah Avenue
    Add a second school zone flasher
    anticipated to be installed in December, 2020  
  • Corner of Ember Glen Drive & Boulder Land
    near Canyon Creek Elementary
    Improve pedestrian safety by adding curb extensions with bicycle bypass routes
    design complete; field visits begin fall/winter, 2020
  • Corner of Anderson Mill Road & Pecan Creek Parkway
    New traffic signal
    anticipated construction to begin early 2021
  • Pecan Creek Parkway
    Replace the static sign with a school zone flasher
    installation anticipated December, 2020

D6 completed QCF projects L to R: Sidewalk improvements on McNeil; PHB on Pearson; PHB on Anderson Mill

Completed Projects

  • Neenah Avenue 
    Extension of the school zone for the entire school perimeter; added appropriate signage, including flashers, and reduced speed signs.
    completed summer, 2020
  • Corner of Avery Ranch & Pearson Ranch Roads
    New traffic signal
    completed January, 2020 
  • School House Lane
    Replaced static signs with school zone flashers
    completed July, 2020 
  • Deerbrook Trail
    Replaced static signs with school zone flashers
    completed July, 2020
  • McNeil Drive
    Added sidewalks and pedestrian bridge
    completed in 2018