How May We Help You?
The City of Austin offers some terrific services at your fingertips, accessible via the city’s official website – a simple click, keystroke, or phone call away. Here, we will highlight many of these support resources from a distinctly Northwest Austin point-of-view, for folks who call District 6 home as well as for visitors who play and/or work here.
Keep your eyes peeled for future posts like:
•  How may I address City Council and make my voice heard during Council Meetings?
•  How can I grow a greener garden or more natural habitat on my property?
•  What can my household do to save energy and save money on our bill?
•  Who do I talk to about that pot hole?
•  How many parks are in District 6, and what are the various amenities?
We aim to bring you regular updates on City of Austin services that address needs of neighborhoods, health, public safety, the environment, and more, as well as help you navigate the myriad services your city provides. Our goal is to open a portal of communication between you, the citizen, and your District 6 team, working on your behalf.